Comparison of evaluation results

SOMEMO is happy to present the first easy to use comparison of evaluation results of up to 5 social media monitoring tools. Based on academic research, SOMEMO checks 20 dimensions in up to 5 different grades and information on price, test-account and typical clients. In providing this service free of charge, the author hopes to support all who have to make a decision on which tool to rely on.

Included in this comparison are all tools, which applied the current SOMEMO evaluation framework onto their products. For tools you can’t find in one of the categories below, please check their results via the list on the bottom left of the homepage. For further questions please contact the author Helene Fritzsche.

Tools are categorized in 3 groups: Self-Service, Full-Service and Hybrid solutions. Please note, that it is only meaningful to compare tools of the same category, although the service allows you to compare tools of different categories, too.