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Attensity360 and Analyze

Results of Evaluation I-2012 for Attensity360 and Analyze (PDF) Attensity offers quite mature solutions. Their products are Attensity360 and Attensity Analyze. According to the here presented evaluation framework there are no differences. As the vendor therefore explains, Attensity Analze allows deep linguistic and semantic analyzes of internal and external sources which supports decisions more easily. Small [...]

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Google Alerts

Google Alerts is the often mentioned and recommended free tool for monitoring social media and online content in general. According to this evaluation, Google Alerts is not recommendable as it does not fullfill 5 of 15 minimum requirements for professional usage (left blank in the pdf). Managers have to invest in manual analysis, the more [...]

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Meltwater Buzz

Meltwater Buzz is a mature, user-friendly solution that allows to monitor social media content, to engage with customers and to build communities. Since June Meltwater Buzz complements its social suite offering with a Facebook marketing tool for building and pubilishing engaging tabs. Smaller limitations include for instance that the dashboard could be more flexible. Evaluation [...]

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