For vendors: Evaluation of social media monitoring tools using the SOMEMO Evaluation Framework can be done either by the vendor themselves or by the author, Helene Fritzsche. The author reserves the right to publish and comment on information, which is given to her or which she obtained from her own observations. She will verify this information as well as possible, but is takes no responsibility for its accuracy. Inserting data into the online form by the vendor is free of charge and non-binding. Once submitted, the gives up claim to rights over this information. The author is not bound to publish the information given.

For users of social media monitoring software: Published evaluations of different software solutions are based on observations or on third-party information at a specific point in time. Evaluation supports choosing a tool, but does not replace tests for any specific cases. Using the published information does not give users the rights to this information. The author recommends potential users of social media monitoring tools to apply the SOMEMO evaluation framework on their own – on the one hand to define requirements suitable for their company, on the other hand to be able to assess the current technological status of the tool.

The author is not responsible for the content which is published on websites where SOMEMO links to.