Structure of the Evaluation Framework

The framework (V2.0) assesses the most relevant categories which are:

  1. Sources
  2. Content-Types
  3. History
  4. Freshness
  5. Semantic analysis
  6. Buzz / Issue Monitoring
  7. Extend of Sentiment detection
  8. Process of Sentiment detection
  9. Languages
  10. Influence Analysis
  11. Trend Analysis
  12. Data-Management
  13. Account
  14. Dashboard
  15. Alert
  16. Reports
  17. Data-Interfaces

For each category there are 5 grades defined, giving back minimum requirements and thinkable maximum for each category.

Additionally, the following information is collected for each tool:

  1. Tool-Category
  2. Platform development
  3. Price
  4. Test-Account
  5. Typical Client

If you are interested to apply the framework to a selection of tools or if you want us to do it, please contact

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