SOMEMO I-2013 Results


(German version)

SOMEMO is an initiative aiming to disentangle the variety of tools on the market. It presents an evaluation framework and invites vendors to apply it on their tools. 22 of them responeded during the third survey period.

Application of the SOMEMO evaluation framework ensures that those criteria which were defined as relevant are compared. Choice, definition and argumentation are result of Helene Fritzsche’s MBA Master Thesis.

SOMEMO I-2013 shows a snap-shot of what these tools can deliver. Technologies develop very quickly. Compared to the SOMEMO VI-2012 Report published in June, 54 % of vendors claimed that their software developed in certain categories.

Social Media Monitoring Tools can do much more than evaluated here, but to include all details would make evaluation too complex. Using the SOMEMO evaluation framework does not replace tests. Requirements from one company to the other are too different, to do general tests, but the framework allows to short-list tools, which can be tested afterwards.

I would like to thank all vendors who attended so far.
If you are a vendor and would like to attend, please feel free to use the online evaluation framework. It only takes some minutes and is for free.
For more informatione please contact Helene Fritzsche.


>> Up to 5 tools of your choice compared at a glance

>> SOMEMO VI-2012 Results

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